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Welcome to Alexander Velky .com: the web's #1 resource for all things Alexander Velky–related

Hello, I'm Alex.

This website serves several purposes: I'm using it to showcase my work portfolio – and it'll also serve as a good old-fashioned blog site, keeping the world wide web updated on the current affairs of the Glorious Kingdom of Landskeria: our trilingual dynastic micronation here in West Wales. (At least, it'll do that every now and then, when I'm not doing more important things.)

Brought to you from my desk in Megashed, overlooking the ceaseless natural beauty of Afon Wern, home to water-crowfoot, marsh marigold, sewin, salmon, otters, foxes, dippers, ducks, herons, beautiful demoiselles, energy-drinks cans, old tyres and – occasionally – entire bags of rubbish... 

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