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Copywriting and editing

I've always loved language. After graduating with a BA (hons) in English from Exeter, I spent 6 months teaching English in Prague. Then I studied for an MA in Professional Writing at UC Falmouth (now Falmouth University) before moving to London, where I worked as a researcher, a music journalist, and a web editor and community manager. Since going freelance in 2012, most of my work has been in copywriting and copy-editing:

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  • As a freelancer I've done regular web copywriting and copy-editing (e.g.booklet copy, e-books, blog-posts, interviews and article-writing) for Sideshow Group, mostly for their client BT Business.

  • I worked with tech agency Cohaesus, helping them sell their services online, positioning ghost-written articles with industry publications like Econsultancy and net magazine. More recently I helped them out with web copy and TOV work for a US health-food start-up. (As yet not launched...)

  • I provided regular copywriting and editing services for Paper (a London agency that served the not-for-profit sector) on projects for British Liver Trust, Macmillan, and Scope. When the agency folded (yes, I know) British Liver Trust continued to use my freelance copywriting and editing services.


  • I've been a regular freelancer for "language consultancy" The Writer after one of their staff head-hunted me: I worked on numerous naming projects, slogans, claims, and web and print copywriting projects for well-known global brands such as Telefónica, O2, Dove, Persil, OMO and Lux.


  • Before going freelance, I had a full-time job as lead copywriter at B&Q, responsible for all the words on the largest home-improvement ecommerce website in Europe. I composed a tone-of-voice doc to govern all online comms, produced copywriting guidelines for various multichannel-department teams, worked with the email marketing and social media teams, and with external agencies on marketing campaigns for and B&Q print and TV ads. (I produced online copywriting guides and a social media tone-of-voice doc while working on a project team at Bournemouth University too.)


  • I once had an article in the Guardian – back when I was getting started as a freelancer. That was about copywriting; I'm not sure it counts as copywriting. (It certainly didn't pay as well...)

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