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Community management

Social media community management can involves a bit of PR, customer relations and crisis management, on top of admin and moderation duties; but much of the work entails the same kind of thing that I've listed elsewhere in this portfolio: copywriting, copy-editing, and planning and managing "web content" (i.e. text, video, audio, imagery, etc.) I've worked in this capacity on Facebook, Twitter (now X, but nobody calls it that), LinkedIn, YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and (back in the day) MySpace and Bebo:

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  • In my first web editor role at Authority Communications I came to specialize in community management, running and moderating UK major-label music acts' profiles on the web, and on MySpace, Facebook and Bebo(!) Also managing forums (moderating, or liaising with volunteer moderators on the busier ones) and sourcing user-generated content.

  • As a freelancer I worked for Momentum Worldwide, developing a social media tone-of-voice and content plan for Rowntree's Polo's "crunchers vs suckers" campaign, as well as helping run social profiles for Rowntree's Randoms during the product's introductory social campaign.


  • Having been headhunted on LinkedIn, I spent a month at Fallon providing copy, community management, strategy and reporting for Cadbury UK’s Wispa Facebook and Twitter pages during the launch campaign for Wispa Hot Chocolate; writing posts and responsive copy in character as "The Frothybeast". Over the TV ad launch (during the final of Britain's Got Talent) The Frothybeast was temporarily suspended from Twitter for "overuse" of his account (personally thanking every single person who tweeted about the ad). To date this is the only time this has ever happened to anyone I know. Years later I returned to Fallon (working remotely) to run social media campaigns for two of the UK's Top-5 SCA-owned toilet roll brands. (Yep: toilet roll brands need Facebook pages too, y'know...)


  • I worked in-house for two months at Tribal DDB, providing interim cover in their community management team. This entailed social media content planning, copywriting, editorial, research and reporting; day-to-day management and content strategy for Budweiser Ireland, adapting the global "Made For Music" campaign for the Irish market and introducing the national "dream job" campaign. Also, social content and community management for the Canadian Tourism Commission, and writing in character (again!) as Diageo's Captain Morgan. I also helped out with research, reporting and content development for numerous other accounts, including Sony Ericsson, Esso and Guinness.

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